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really bored  
01:43am 16/08/2009
1. First thing on your mind when you got out of bed this morning?
*looks around* meh..... no sarah....

2. Hair spray Gel or Moose?
Hair spray

3. Gold or Platinum?
for my teef?

4. Best name brand pants ever?
eh i wouldnt know. i dont think ive owned any.

5. Is myspace really the best thing since pants?
apperently not im on LJ

6. Own a Xbox 360?
PFT Xbox 180 (Dreamcast)

7. Spend more than 3 hours on the internet every day?
HAHAHA as of late.

8. Are poems hot or tacky?
poems are good but i dont know about hot or sticky....

9. Do you trust your friends?
Most. The ones i shouldnt are the ones at bay

10. Do you look over your shoulder to make sure that the haters don't take your man/girl?
Ha well i dont have one so id have to say no for now?

11. Are you a Jealous person?
HA HA no one of the least jealous... which ive been told here and there its a bad thing... but meh

12. Ever stole your friends boyfriend or girlfriend?

13. Has your best friends boyfriend or girlfriend ever hit on you?
I wouldnt know

14. Most expensive thing you own in your bedroom right now?
Um lots or none... depends on what you think

15. What is your dream car?
One with wheels and goes vroom... or a jetta

16. Have you ever been to Cedar Point or Disneyland?
Both... meh it was alright.

17. Snuck into a bar with your friends?
um never had to

18. Do you still love him/her
tell me who him/her is...

19. Do you think your ex is still obsessed with you?

20. A famous inspirational person you look up to?

21. What the heck is ballin?

22. Does Corona taste good to you?
No... only beer for me is PBR

23. Another website you go to often?

24. What letter does your boyfriend/girlfriend's name start with?

25. MTV or America's Idol?

26. What was your last dream about?
arnt you dying to know

27. Where do you really want to be right now?
with you...

28. Are guys/girls who can dance really good sexy? Is it a must or just a want?
either... its both cute...

29. Do you own a gun?

30. What are you most afraid of?
Head Noise

31. What name/color of cell phone do you have?
black nextel

32. Like to cuddle with him/her?
sure do!!!!! shes the best....

33. How many piercings do you have?

34. Where is your favorite tattoo?
i dont have a favorite but i like my arm...
location: home
mood: boredbored
music: head noise
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